CM should tender public apology: CPI Ramakrishna

Visits ransacked TDP central office
CPI Secretary says attacks can’t take place without CM knowledge
AMARAVATI: CPI State Secretary K. Ramakrishna on Wednesday described the vandalism by miscreants at the TDP central office and other places in the State as an attempt to murder democracy in Andhra Pradesh.
Ramakrishna visited TDP central office at Mangalagiri to express his solidarity and he went round to see the damaged furniture and vehicles in the premises. TDP National General Secretary and former Minister Nara Lokesh showed him the damages and narrated how the miscreants trespassed, ransacked the premises and caused bleeding injuries. Ramakrishna was accompanied by CPI State Assistant Secretary Muppalla Nageswara Rao and CPI State Executive Member Jangala Ajay Kumar.
Addressing a press conference on the occasion, the CPI State Secretary demanded that Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy tender an apology immediately for what happened to the main opposition party offices. The attacks were carried out on the TDP offices as per a well laid plan and under the supervision of the ruling party leadership only. Such atrocious and unfortunate incidents did not take place in the past in the State.
Ramakrishna pointed out that the TDP central office was located within a short distance from the DGP Office. It was evident that the attack took place with active connivance of the police. Such a ghastly incident would not have happened in such a place without the knowledge of the Chief Minister. The AP Police have been failing miserably in the past two and half years. The cops did not respond even though they were informed about the impending attacks on the TDP offices.
The CPI Secretary termed it as unacceptable that the police were following the orders of the ruling YSRCP leaders as unwritten laws. The real laws and constitution of the land were thrown to the winds. Atrocities cases were filed against the Dalit farmers of Amaravati Capital City, which showed the low levels to which the police were stooping. The YCP leaders were openly making threats to attack anybody if they would utter anything against their Chief Minister.
Condemning the Government’s ‘attitude’, Ramakrishna asserted that there was no question of allowing the Jagan Reddy regime to continue its anti-people and unconstitutional activities. If the rulers continued to promote goondaism, they themselves would fall victim to the same goondaism. The CM cannot trample upon the constitutional rights of the opposition parties since it was a democracy.
The CPI leader said that all the opposition parties were strongly condemning the attacks. The intellectuals, political parties and people’s organisations should come forward to decry the YSRCP attacks. The DGP was not in a position to take any action though such violent attacks were taking place nearer to his office. The Home Minister should immediately withdraw her remarks. The CM should tender a public apology.