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Corrupt people will not be spared

BRS leaders will be in jail: Ashwini Kumar Choubey

HYDERABAD: Union Minister of State for Environment, Forests Ashiwini Kumar Chubey said that BRS has involved in liquor scam and corruption. He said that the entire nation knows about the link between Aam Admi party president and Delhi Chief Minister Kejrival and K. Kavitha, daughter of BRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrsekhar Rao were involved. He said that no one can save Kavitha in this case.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Ashiwini Kumar Chubey said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear that those who are involved in the scam will be arrested and no one can save them. Both Aam Admi and BRS are involved in about Rs. 100 crore liqior scam Goa elections Aam admi party was supported by Kavitha.

“Mission Bhagirath biggest loot in the country. Rs. 35,000 crore spent already work is not being seen. People are struggling for water. It was increased to Rs. 50,000 even now it was not fulfilled. Leave about 24 hour water it was not available even four hours. Old water head tanks were recoloured and money looted. BRS failed to fulfil the promises. Telangana become highest liquor consumption state in the country,” said Ashiwini Kumar adding that liquor consumption in Telangana stood at 43 per cent.

Informing that the burden on people have increased five times while the income of Chief Minister has increased by 10 times. He said that the government has been neglecting education so that it would be easy to rule them with iron fist. He said that instead of improving the lives of Dalits, the government has been taking the side of individuals. Referring to Dharani, the Minister said that it has become money spinner for the ruling party leaders and once BJP come to power it will be closed and land records system being implemented by the Centre will be extended.

Informing that the Ministry of Environment has accorded permission with in 15 days to Yadadri and Bhadradri power plants within 15 days, the Minster wondered why they were not started so far. Recalling how late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has imposed the emergency and arrested people like him, he said that Congress was already against the democratic values. Accusing that Congress is C team for BRS, he called upon the people to vote for BJP.

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