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KCR’s neglected Palamuru projects

TPCC President Revanth Reddy

TPCC president Revanth Reddy lashed out at the KCR government for being negligent in stopping the migrations in Palamuru district. Revanth Reddy addressed the Vijayabheri Sabha held at Kalvakurti on Wednesday. He criticized KCR for not having done anything for the people of Telangana while he was given two chances. You can see the situation of the Kaleshwaram project, which KCR constructed by swallowing one lakh crores.Medigadda has sunken and cracks appeared in Sundilla.

Revanth Reddy said that Congress should to come to power if Palamuru district is to be developed. Revanth Reddy said “ I am appealing to the people here as a son of Palamuru to make Congress win all the 14 seats in the district. The Congress will take the responsibility of developing the district as an agriculturally thriving district.

The joining of Vivek gave the strength of a thousand elephants for the Congress party
Revanth Reddy said that Vivek Venkataswamy’s rejoining the Congress party is like joining his own family and he is cordially invited to the Congress. He said that Vivek’s joining has added thousands of strength to the Congress. He said that Telangana people will be benefited by his joining Congress at a crucial time. Vivek Venkataswamy and his son Vamsi joined the Congress party in the presence of Rahul Gandhi at Novatel Hotel Hyderabad on Wednesday. Revanth Reddy spoke to the media on this occasion.

Revanth commented that the Congress will definitely come to power in the state in the next elections and Vivek’s inclusion will strengthen the people’s desire for the Congress to come. Revanth Reddy said that Vivek Venkataswamy asked to work together to oust KCR and Vivek had a close relationship with the Gandhi family. Vivek is one of the MPs who fought for Telangana state in Parliament. He said that the Congress party will win the next election with the slogan that “Change should come.. Congress should come.” Revanth Reddy said that Telangana is in great need of Vivek Venkataswamy’s family.

Not Kaleshwaram project.. KCR’s Scameshwaram
Revanth Reddy has expressed his anger over the recent incident of ‘bunga’ (piping action) at the Annaram barrage which is a part of the Kaleswaram project. He fumed on Twitter that it is not Kaleshwaram project but KCR’s Scameshwaram He said that if the pillars of Medigadda barrage sank of late, today another fault has been observed in Annaram barrage. It is not the barrages that are collapsing but the lives of four crore people of Telangana.

TPCC president Revanth Reddy tweeted on Annaram barrage leakage. The tweet:
Another milestone in Kalvakuntla ‘Scameswaram’..
Yesterday Madigadda .. Today Annaram..
Not the barrages that are collapsing…
But the lives of four crore people of Telangana..
You might be in perception that project is like a fence for your farm house..
Did you think that it is sand house for your grandchildren to play in?
You have destroyed 4 crores of people by swallowing one lakh crore rupees of their money The reasons why the structures that should remain stable for more than hundred years old being destructed are….
Those useless designs you drew while drinking alcohol and Rs one lakh crore corruption

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