Let’s give Congress victory on December 9 as Sonia Gandhi’s birthday gift

-Congress Manifesto on September 17
-Double engine means Adani and Prime Minister
-The task of this double engine is to rob the country
-After coming to power, we will abolish Dharani for sure
-We are prepared for a discussion on the development that happened between 2004-2014 and 2014 till date
-TPCC President Revanth Reddy

“To win the fight against KCR in the state, the youth should be in the forefront. We should work hard for the victory of the Congress Party in the elections. Congress government should be formed in Telangana on the occasion of Sonia Gandhi’s birthday on December 9,” said TPCC president Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy stated that the Congress Manifesto for the upcoming Assembly Elections will be released on September 17, Telangana Liberation Day. On Friday, he participated and spoke at the Youth Congress National Conference held at Katria Hotel, Somajiguda, Hyderabad.

“Congress will come to power and will officially celebrate Sonia Gandhi’s birthday on December 9. “I request that the Congress Party which has given Telangana should be given one chance. We will go to the people with the five most important points. Public meetings will be held depending on the availability of the senior Party leaders. Congress will come to power in Telangana too, like in Karnataka” Revanth Reddy expressed confidence.

Revanth Reddy said that the active role of Youth Congress in the elections was discussed in the meeting. Congress should win the 2024 elections and make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister. We have directed the Youth Congress on the necessary activities for this. We said that those who have worked crucially at the field level will become state level and national level leaders. Youth Congress should work actively to oust Modi and KCR,” said Revanth. He commented that those who fight at the field level will become state level and national level leaders. If you work hard, you will become leaders. They will change the future of the country. Youth Congress should act as a catalyst to dethrone Modi and KCR. Youth Congress is a good platform for a political future.

Revanth said that Youth Congress is a platform to become a leader and our In-charge Manik Rao Thackeray is an example for us. He reminded that Telangana was formed with the sacrifice of 1200 students and youth. Double engine means Adani and Prime Minister. It is clear that the work of this double engine is to rob the country. One Nation One Party is BJP’s secret agenda. We should break the conspiracies of BJP and hoist the Congress flag in the country.

He emphasised that with the elections in the near future, the Congress Party activists should work actively for the victory of the Congress Party in the upcoming elections. We should defeat KCR and ensure that a Congress government is formed in the state. They want to defeat KCR and form the Congress government in Telangana. He said that to win the fight against KCR in the state, the youth should be in the orefront. Revanth Reddy said that Congress should work hard for victory in the elections.

Dharani will be cancelled for sure
Revanth Reddy lashed out at the BRS government saying that KCR Dharani was brought to restore the rule of Gadis. Revanth alleged that CM KCR has encroached thousands of acres in the name of benami. “Dharani was brought only for a few landlords. Dharani portal will be scrapped. Dharani portal is responsible for 97% of the land disputes in the state.

We will scrap Dharani Portal as promised. Manipulations have occurred in land records in Rangareddy, Sangareddy and Malkajgiri districts. Thousands of acres given away to benamis of KCR. Revanth Reddy commented that the officers involved in irregularities will be brought to book. He said that the information that should have been with the government officials has gone into the hands of brokers.

Dharani portal is not owned by the government. Didn’t Rythu Bandhu come before Dharani? He ridiculed that there was no land record in the village where Dharani started the portal. He asked why KCR is so aggrieved when we say that Dharani will be cancelled. “Dharani portal is exploited by KCR for looting the land. We will definitely cancel the Dharani portal. We will send the father and son to jail at any cost. KCR’s family will go to Cherlapally jail for sure due to irregularities in Dharani portal’, said Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy said that he accepted KTR’s challenge and is ready to discuss the development from 2004 to 2014 and the development from 2014 to date. We are ready for a discussion on the development that took place during the Congress regime from 2004 to 2014. Are KTR and Harish ready to discuss the development after 2014?’ said Revanth.

“If you have done something that the Congress has not done, we are ready to apologise. Father and son are getting agitated and questioning what will Congress do if it comes to power. Like KCR, we will not plunder the state.. we will not do looting.. If KCR had wisdom, he would have taken good care of the activists. They have indulged in large scale corruption in the construction of Martyrs’ stupam, Ambedkar Statue and construction of new Assembly.

If KCR is really a child of Telangana then he should take the name of Revanth Reddy, KCR is scared to mention my name, Revanth Reddy commented. KCR is behaving in a cheap manner to stop Congress. He said that the popular verdict will be out soon in the near future. He ridiculed that KCR is like canceled 1000 note, Modi is like 2000 notes. Revanth Reddy appealed to the people of Telangana to give Congress one chance to free them from the rule of these thieves. Good days are on the way for Telangana state. Revanth Reddy expressed hope that Karnataka results will be repeated in Telangana.