Lokesh slams Jagan for ‘hit and run’ attack on TDP office

AP drug mafia a threat to whole India
Jagan, his Ministers used much worse language
24 hours over since attack on TDP office but no action
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and former Minister Nara Lokesh on Wednesday blamed Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy for Tuesday’s attacks and vandalism on the TDP central office in Mangalagiri and other places in the State. The TDP activists also sustained bleeding injuries.
Lokesh said Jagan Reddy once again proved his sadism by sending his party gangs and mobs to carry out a ‘hit and run’ attack. The YCP goons launched surprise attack when there were few leaders in the TDP office and vanished from the spot in no time. Instead of using such hit and run tactics like a coward, CM Jagan should come for direct fights with the TDP committed leadership.
Addressing a press conference here, Nara Lokesh asked the DGP what he was doing when the culprits’ vehicles came and returned in front of his office located near the TDP office. No action has been initiated against anybody though 24 hours passed since the attack. A DSP was seen asking the attackers to get into the cars and go after the attack. This was clearly a State-sponsored terrorism with active support from the police.
Lokesh said that after completing the attack, the rioters went in their vehicles via the police headquarters to the YSRCP office. A CI working in the DGP office was caught while he was lurking suspiciously in the TDP office. He was stated to have attacked the TDP activists and damaged the furniture along with the YCP activists. However, that person has been handed over to the police. Lot of evidence was there to prove the nexus between the police and the YCP goons.
Nara Lokesh stressed the need for all sections of AP society to rise in revolt against the AP drug mafia which was becoming very strong with active support from the ruling YSRCP leaders. Hyderabad Police Commissioner clearly said that ganja was coming to Telangana mostly from Tuni, Narsipatnam, Paderu, Araku, Sileru and other places in AP. Many mandals in these areas were growing ganja. Telangana CM KCR has also called for an agitation against the ganja mafia.
Decrying the AP Government’s ‘lack of commitment’, Lokesh deplored that drugs and ganja became a legalised trade for the ruling party leaders in Andhra ever since Jagan Reddy became the Chief Minister. Everybody knew how a ruling party MLA was involved in transporting ganja in the AP-Telangana border. He could not accept the TDP challenge for taking drug tests.
Nara Lokesh warned that the TDP would come to power in 2024 when it would pay with interest to all those gangs and mobs who were crossing their limits now. The TDP has seen and fought against many gangs in the past. In future, the TDP will deal with Jagan Reddy in the same manner how it checked his granddad and dad in the past. Attack on the party office hurt the sentiments of 70 lakh members of the TDP and this would not be taken lightly.