TDP dares CM to take narco test in Viveka murder

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TDP dares CM to take narco test in Viveka murder
Jagan not using chance to prove innocence: MLC
CM targetting his own babai Viveka family

AMARAVATI: TDP MLC M. Ravindranath Reddy (BTech Ravi) on Thursday asked why Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy was not able to prove his innocence in his babai YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case even after three years.

B.Tech Ravi slammed the CM for bringing pressure on the CBI not to conduct the narco analysis tests on his party MP Avinash Reddy, Devireddy Shankar Reddy and other persons
TDP-dares-CM-to-take-narco-test-in-Viveka-murder suspected to have been involved in the murder. It was pathetic that the whole State was pointing a suspicious finger towards Jagan Reddy who was however not trying to establish his innocence.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said the CBI had given a golden opportunity to the CM, his party MP and others to come for narco analysis so as to establish the truth. But Jagan Reddy had not used this opportunity to prove his own credibility. The refusal to take narco tests was triggering many suspicions.

B.Tech Ravi said that Shankar Reddy had refused to take narco analysis tests which eventually raised doubts over the involvement of Jagan Reddy and Avinash Reddy in the sensational case. The people of Pulivendula and the whole State were getting suspicions on this.

The TDP MLC said that during Jagan Reddy’s recent visit to Pulivendula, lots of flexis came up there with photos of Avinash Reddy and Shankar Reddy. After the murder of Paritala Ravi, one Pulivendula Krishna was a suspect and he lived beside Jagan Reddy’s house. Both of them were close. When Krishna’s links with Paritala murder got exposed, Jagan Reddy took all care not to expose his links with him.

B.Tech Ravi said that Jagan Reddy had even announced at that time that he had no links with Pulivendula Krishna. But today, the Jagan Reddy banners were everywhere with

photos of Avinash Reddy and Shankar Reddy, who were suspects in Viveka murder. This was enough to say that the Chief Minister also had a role in his babai Vivekananda Reddy murder.

The TDP MLC said that the whole world was shocked on seeing how Jagan Reddy was targetting the family members of his own blood related babai Viveka now. Though Shankar Reddy has been given to the CBI custody two months ago, he spent only two days in their physical custody so far. All the remaining 58 days, Shankar Reddy has been living in the hospital. Even now, he was residing in the hospital.

B.Tech Ravi advised Rachamallu Sivaprasada Reddy to stop making unwarranted statements and start asking the CM and Avinash Reddy and Shankar Reddy to undergo narco analysis tests.

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