Seized TN drugs linked to AP mafia gangs: TDP

YCP rule using addiction to suppress jobless youth: Marreddy
India-wide drug seizures being traced to AP mafia

AMARAVATI: TDP Telugu Rythu president Marreddy Srinivasa Reddy on Thursday accused the YSRCP Government of making the whole AP a ‘hub of drugs’ to use addiction as a weapon to suppress all questioning voices against its corruption and failed promises.
Srinivasa Reddy said if the drugs were seized in any State in the country, their links were being traced to the AP drug mafia. In the latest seizure, over Rs. 20 Cr worth of drugs caught in Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu was traced to Prakash Daraswamy of AP. Everyday, somewhere in the country, AP-linked drug seizures were taking place.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said the Chief Minister was using the drug mafia to make the youth and jobless youth slaves to addiction so that they would not question the Government’s policies. The drug mafia gangs were crossing all limits in AP just because of the unquestioned support from the rulers. Physical attacks were going on when anybody questioned the misdeeds of the ruling party.

Srinivasa Reddy recalled how over Rs. 21,000 Cr worth of drugs seized in the Gujarat Mundra port were traced to a Vijayawada-based company in the past. The TDP exposed the AP drug mafia activities in this case. Showing their intolerance, the ruling YSRCP goons attacked the TDP central office and caused bleeding injuries to its employees there.

The TDP leader said that former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu personally visited Delhi and complained to the Central agencies about the drug and ganja mafia going on with AP as their hub. During the Naidu rule, AP was called ‘Swarnandhra’, ‘Harithandhra’ and ‘Navyandhra’ but now the Jagan Reddy regime has turned it into ‘Drugs Andhra Pradesh’.

Srinivasa Reddy said that the National Investigative Agency (NIA) has unearthed the gangs involved in the drug mafia activities in AP. But, the YSRCP regime and the AP police were not taking any action against the ruling party leaders involved in these drug and ganja mafia activities. Alarmingly, they were making the innocent tribals as scapegoats in this.

The TDP leader asserted that the Jagan Reddy Government and the authorities concerned have miserably failed to check the cultivation, transportation and sale of ganja in AP. The YCP rulers spread lies that there was no ganja cultivation in the State till Chandrababu Naidu complained in Delhi. Later, the DGP and the Government bosses themselves claimed they had destroyed Rs. 4,000 Cr worth of ganja.